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وبینار آقای دکتر مسعود صراف

وبینار آقای دکتر مسعود صراف از دانشگاه Malaya مالزی
تاریخ: 99/02/09
وبیناری با عنوان: "The Future Role of Intelligent Mixed Oxide Nanotubular Arrays in Nanomedicine " در تاریخ سه شنبه 9 اردیبهشت ساعت 17:00 توسط آقای دکتر مسعود صراف از دانشگاه Malaya مالزی تحت عنوان "زنگ مواد (23)" برگزار می شود. لذا بدین وسیله از علاقمندان دعوت به عمل می آید تا در این جلسه سخنرانی شرکت کنند. چکیده سخنرانی به همراه بایوگرافی کوتاه سخنران در ادامه آورده شده است.
نحوه ورود: لطفا پس از ورود به فضای جلسه ذیل به عنوان میهمان وارد شوید:

Dr. Masoud Sarraf


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia.


Nanomedicine aspires to supply a valuable set of research tools and clinically functional devices in the near future. In this regard, significant advances and new commercial applications are expected in pharmaceutical and orthopedic industries such as advanced drug delivery systems, new therapies, and smart implant systems. For advanced orthopedic implant technologies, appropriate nanoscale surface modifications along with sensor integrated smart implant are highly effective strategies for pain relief and to get better biofunctionality. Accordingly, the intelligent implants are able to provide useful information on the patient data and delivery of antiseptic and antibiotic agents during treatment to reduce surgical site infection. It is well established that oxide nanotube implants show a dramatic enhancement in new bone formation and gene expression combined with bone development and remodeling on flat surfaces. Nevertheless, scientific and clinical understanding of smart mixed oxide nanotubular arrays and their potential applications in nanomedicine are still in progress. There is noteworthy verification that stem cells can be seeded into mixed oxide nanotubular arrays for growth and extension.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Masoud Sarraf received his B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (Heat and Fluid) in 2010; Master and PhD of Engineering from University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2013 and 2017, respectively. He has experience in different research projects at Energy Centre and Advanced Manufacturing and Material Processing Centre, UM. He has started his career as an academician in 2017 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya. Till now, He is the author and co-author of more than 19 publications in international journals and proceedings with H-index 11 and more than 497 citations. His research interest includes fundamental, application, technology and commercialization in Energy and Surface Engineering and its related field of study. He is passionate in research that contributes to society.