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وبینار آقای دکتر صابر امین یاوری

وبینار آقای دکتر صابر امین یاوری از University Medical Center Utrecht
تاریخ: 99/07/22
وبیناری با مشخصات ذیل با مشارکت علاقمندان در دانشکده مهندسی و علم مواد برگزار شد.

Novel Strategies to Prevent Orthopedic Implant Failures


Dr. Saber Amin Yavari

- Affiliation:

Department of Orthopedics, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

- Position:

Assistant Professor


Tuesday, October 13 (22 Mehr), 12:30

Novel Strategies to Prevent Orthopedic Implant Failures

Current orthopedic implants are constrained by a relatively short lifetime due to a mechanical mismatch between the implant and the surrounding bone and the lack of sufficient bone-promoting, bacteria- eradicating surface properties. At the same time, current implants are designed for most standard procedures, and insufficiently accommodate the patients suffering from complex bone defects (e.g., trauma, bone cancer, infection, revision surgery). On the other hand, many of the surface biofunctionalization strategies fall short because of limited bio-stability, single functionality and/or lack of tunable delivery of active agents. This webinar will try to shed the light on recent development in the additive manufacturing technology to produce new classes of patient-specific and mechanically-tunable metallic implants as well as novel strategies to develop tunable and multifunctional coating to prevent implant related infections and limited osseointegration.