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International Webinar Series

International Webinar Series
Date: December 5
Main event: A webinar with the following details was held at the department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sharif University of Technology.


Recent Trends in Synthesis and Characterization of Materials for Energy Storage


Dr. M.V. Reddy

- Affiliation:

Institute of Research Hydro-Québec, CETEES, Hydro-Québec, Canada

- Position:

Senior Researcher


Saturday, December 5 (15 Azar), 18:30


Functional materials will play an important role in the area of Energy and environmental, health and other advance applications. In my talk I will discuss various materials preparation, characterization techniques, fundamentals and applications specifically in area of batteries (Li, Na), electrolyte, supercapacitor and Technology. Various preparation methods of the battery materials and materials characterization techniques like Rietveld refinement X-ray diffraction, Neutron diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XPS), SEM, TEM, XPS, Raman/IR density and BET surface area methods will be discussed. Use of electroanalytical studies like cyclic voltammetry, galvanotactic cycling and impedance spectroscopy techniques for testing and analysis and insitu and exsitu studies reaction mechanisms and voltage hysteresis and other applications of materials. Finally I will discuss the materials recovery techniques.


Materials Science; Energy Storage; Nanotechnology; Recycling

Brief Bio:

Dr. M.V. Reddy obtained his Ph.D. (2003) with highest honors in the area of Materials Science from University of Bordeaux, France. Dr. M.V. Reddy has worked at National University of Singapore (NUS), at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He has been working on the nano/submicron sized materials for Energy (cathodes, anodes, supercapacitors and solid electrolytes), solar cells, sensors, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis in the last 20 years. He has published around 200 papers in various international journals and conducted several workshops related to functional materials and Energy storage and delivered 80 talks (Plenary (9), keynote (9) and Invited talks (37) and 18 contributed talks and webinar talks (7)) at various conferences and conducted few workshops on battery materials. His h-index is 63 and his publications have over 14700 citations. Recently, he is ranked in the top 2% highly cited researcher in area of Energy. He is serving as editorial advisory board member in Materials Research Bulletin and Journal of Energy Storage and several other open access Journals (Materials and Molecules, MDPI).

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